April Roundups

Updates, articles, new stuff, and more...

I finally had more bumper stickers made. If you've seen my car, then you have probably seen one of these on my rear bumper. I was surprised by how many people kept asking for one, so here they are!

I also had some smaller circular ones made (another request) and any book orders placed through the end of May will receive one of these with the order!

I received my "thank you" reward for backing the Vivian Maier film project on Kickstarter. I don't know what I'll ever do with an old film spool (since I pretty much have an unlimited number at my disposal), but it's kind of cool none the less. 

I've had my photos featured on Offbeat Mama some more, which is awesome because I am loving maternity shoots these days!
I've been playing with some new/old cameras. These shots are from an old mini portrait Polaroid (Passport) camera that had some really expired film in it.
I wrote an article on Tilt-Shift Options, which includes shooting with tilt-shift lenses, freelensing (that's the technique from the photo above), digital manipulation, and Lensbabies. Check it out on the KEH Blog here.

I've also been working on some more behind the scenes projects, and some new projects for KEH (a few of which will be announced soon- stay tuned!)

The next two months are going to be crazy! All of the normal workload and photo assignments aside, I'm heading to Alaska at the end of May!!! I'll be shooting a wedding there among lots of travel photos and I can't wait! Then we're going to see Loretta Lynn in concert, my parents are coming for a visit, it's my birthday, and then it's Skip and I's anniversary. Whoa full schedule. And somewhere in there I HAVE to work on a new website. Speaking of, do you know of any awesome graphic designers? If so, please leave a comment to their web portfolio!

Now, the final order of business... I've really been debating on how to re-structure this blog. Should I keep it a mix of photo, craft, home, etc? Or, should I just focus on the photo (and maybe create a separate site for DIY, vintage, home, etc? Or just nix that stuff all together)? What are your thoughts?

Hope everyone is doing well and having a lovely Spring. The south is getting lots of rain, thunderstorms, and even tornados! It's been pretty crazy weather so I hope everyone is also staying safe and living in structures with roofs.