My Vintage Camera Collection, part 1

A little peak at my vintage camera collection (does not include newer cameras such as digital or Lomo/plastic/novelty cameras, or vintage camera ephemera/trinkets/souvenirs/etc.)

Beacon Two-twenty five (with flash)
c. 1950-58. 6x6cm on 620 film. Colored model (aqua). Whitehouse products.
Imperial Mark XII (flash)
c. 1961. 6x6cm. Color- mint green. By Herbert George Co.

Hopalong Cassidy Box Camera

c. 1950. 8 exposures, 6x9cm, on 120 rollfilm. Galter products.

Argus C3 (with flash)

c. 1939-66. 35mm. Often called a "brick".

Kodak Petite
c. 1929-33. 4x6.5cm on 127 film. Vest pocket Kodak Model B in lavender with rose bellows.

(With case, colored bellows, box, instructions. Camera with all original items is rare!)

Wonder Friend (joke) Camera

Date unknown, mid century? Not a picture taking camera. Mouse version.

Revere 40

c. 1940s-50s. 8mm movie camera, single lens magazine, model 40. 

* UPDATE (3/3/13): I've added a part two that goes with this post with more vintage cameras in my collection and some information on tips for buying them, and where to find them! Find the post HERE, plus click on the "Vintage photographic" tag below for more from this series.