Links, updates, and other stuff

Update: I gave the KEH blog a makeover last week. Same easy layout, just more modern and easier on the eyes. Take a look here. If you love photography, you'll definitely want to check the site out!

A few links:
Recent articles (not by me, but edited by me of course) on the KEH site:
* Camera Collecting
* Making your (photo) business green (written by our wedding photog. and buddy at PWP)
* Spy photography part 1 (a short history), part 2 (vintage magazine articles)

Recent articles/posts/featured work:
On the KEH Blog-
* My photos were featured on Offbeat Mama recently here, here, and here
* On The Pioneer Woman, photography- Beauty group 2

I've joined Kickstarter and am backing a few photography projects right now. (While I'm an indie photographer myself, I still totally believe in supporting others and think it's really important to do so whether it be through marketing, funding, bartering services, giving advice, or promotion).
* And lastly, Finding Vivian Maier has officially been funded. Can't wait for the film! 

And in totally unrelated to photography news, Skip and I got to meet Dolly Parton! I am not a celebrity person, and have never felt any differently about meeting someone "famous" before as I have for anyone else, but Dolly, she made my heart beat faster. What a sweet lady she was. Ok, now everyone asks how we met her. Well, my friend (and bridesmaid, and photo muse, and ex-coworker) Katrina does props for movies and invited us to the set of the movie Joyful Noise (still in production) to meet her. Thanks Katrina! 

That same weekend, we were also on another film set, but this time for TV. We visited Gallery 63 for the second time for one of their auctions and since we were smart this time and pre-registered, we got a seat. The camera definitely came our way a few times so don't be surprised if you see a few familiar faces on the next season of Auction Kings