Show prep

Sorry I've been absent lately, I've super busy working on things "behind the scenes" here. I've been working on articles, trying to get into new schedules, and working on getting everything completed and together for my upcoming show.

There sure is a lot of work that goes into a solo exhibition- designing postcards and posters, press releases, artist statement, signs, sketching show layouts, marketing, prints, deciding on details, etc., etc. I feel like I'll need a month long vacation after this!

In February, once the opening is done and over with, I'll have lots of photos to share. I have multiple shoots booked in TN, and will have stuff from the opening of course. But until then, here's a few "behind the scenes" shots of what I've been working on...

Thanks to Katrina for helping make the new glittery "BSC" banner, Jason for the faux window frame, and my mom for sewing the curtains!