The Weekend

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend, I sure did! Saturday was a busy day full of girl time. We hit up the Indie Craft Experience first, where we did some shopping for handmade items, we ate the best popsicle in the world- a chocolate sea salt pop by King of Pops, we got free goodie bags for being there early, I got interviewed for the local NPR radio station, and then we had some train hopping fun trying to get back to the car...
See on the way in, there was a train stopped on the tracks. The only way to get across was to climb over the train. On the way back a few hours later, the train was still there. So, we start to go. As I'm on my climb over, Amphone yells that there's another one coming, headed towards us, and then she hesitates. I make it over, she does not, and for 20 minutes we were on opposite sides of the trains. We kept thinking surely this train is almost over... but it just kept going. After 20 minutes with no end to it in sight, it was time to run, jump, climb, jump off, and then hop on the still train. It was a pretty hilarious adventure.
We then headed to the Four Seasons for afternoon tea.
After girl time, it was time to head home, run a few errands, and take care of a few chores.
The backyard is covered in leaves... its a BIG yard so raking has been taking a back seat to other things. Like playing a game of lawn darts...
The original lawn darts are now illegal to sell with the tips intact. They are pretty dangerous little toys, but we just so happened to find some the other weekend in TN and snatched them up quickly. It was my first time playing and I won!

Today has been filled with crossing off lots of things from the ol' "to do" list. All in all, it's been a fun and productive weekend!

(all photos taken with the point & shoot, 'cause sometimes it's just easier on the go)