Shooting through the car window

Whenever we go on a road trip, Skip drives. This gives me the opportunity to scout places to stop and take photos, and sometimes take photos along the way. When we can pull over for me to get a good shot, we do. But many times it's not possible to stop or pull over, and sometimes "the shot" is on the move and I only have one moment to try and capture it. So, I play a little shooting game (against myself), when we're in the car. I try to get a good shot (note, not awesomely amazing, because this is next to impossible when moving between 55-75 miles an hour). I try to get a good exposure, composition, subject matter, lighting, the whole 9 yards. This is super difficult, and half of the shots I attempt end up in a "son of a..." and a delete. But I keep trying. The hardest part is trying to get it in focus and without blur.... even with a fast shutter speed. I don't claim that these kinds of shots are wonderful pieces of art or anything, but it's fun, and I'd like to think that sticking with the challenge helps make me a better photographer in some way or another.

So, here's a few of my car shots from this past weekend on our drive to and from Nashville...

through the window 1

through the window 2