Holiday decorations

Just a little peek at some of our holiday decorations... there's way too many to share, but the house is pretty full of Christmas cheer!

snowflakes and mistletoe are hung
Skip got me this cute little vintage house last Christmas, it plays music and when you wind it the little horse rocks back and forth and the bear goes up and down.
vintage elves and more tinsel trees
vintage stocking hooks
I love Santas!

This is one of my newest decorations. I've been building up my collection for years, and each year add a few new (or old) pieces. This is a large, and very heavy chalkware Santa head. I haven't figured out a place for him yet since he's so heavy, so his temporary home is in the coat rack.

It's our first year really being able to decorate more than just a string of lights outside. We have the top of the front of the house lined with the big colored lights, tinsel up the end porch post, and a big lighted star. We have some lights around the back deck also, and a few vintage Noel candles in the windows. I wish we could add even more lights to the front, but unfortunately since the house is older, it doesn't seem like the outlets have been updated and there's only one in the entire front of the house. It was a total let-down come decorating time when I was informed we could blow something if we tried to add anymore lights to the front.

Are you decorated yet? I only have a few more touches to go up... next week I'll pick up a fresh pine wreath which I'll have flocked from a local nursery, and finish up some crafts which I'll share soon.