Christmas wish list

I know I'm a little early, but I LOVE Christmas! We started decorating this weekend, because 1) I want the decorations to be up as long as possible, 2) my husband is superstitious and makes the decorations come down before New Years Day, 3) We are really busy and actually had this weekend fairly free, 4) I have a lot of decorations to put up and it will take more than one day, 5) I didn't get to decorate last Christmas because we were moving so I'm extra excited this year. Photos will be coming soon, when it's all complete. Until then, here's my wish list...

* An Epiphanie bag- looks like a purse but has the interior protection of a camera case. I've been needing a medium size bag for day trips (I have either bags that are too big and clunky or too small). Santa if you're reading I'd love the Lola in red or aqua.

* A new pair of earrings. I've been wearing the same two pair for years now. I love these for fancy occasions, size 0 please.

* One of these hand-tooled leather belts... and my weight a few years ago so I could actually look decent wearing one.

* I rarely wear high heels anymore, but these sparkly blue ones are so dang pretty.

* But I do wear comfy shoes... every day. I've been dreaming about these handmade moccasins for over a year now.

* This baseball pennant. Because I'm currently a GA peach and I love A League of Their Own.

* Giant ice cream cone lamp. Enough said.

* The Farmchicks Christmas book. I got their other book last year for Xmas and love it, Serena has great taste, and I love Christmas stuff.

* Speaking of Christmas things, I never knew Squirrel Nut Zippers had a Christmas album, so naturally I'd love to add it to my holiday music collection, which is small but pretty good.

* New headphones. I hate, I repeat HATE, those little ear bud things that stick in your ears. I'm still using my Walkman headphones from the early 90s complete with disintegrating foam pads. Its time for a new pair. These sweater ones are pretty awesome.

* I would also like: a new muslin background (I have a special one in mind), a certain pair of curtains from Ikea that would go great in our living room, a daily or weekly fresh milk delivery service, a teardrop trailer for our travels, and a farm of miniature goats and horses.

What's on your wish list?