'Cuz I Felt Like It

Today I wanted to post something a little different here, to direct your attention to a friends awesome crafting. Jessica makes the cutest bears called "Battle Scarred Bears" under her crafting company 'Cuz I Felt Like It!. The philosophy behind them is just as great... "We all have scars. Some are on the inside, some are on the outside, but no matter what, we all still need to be loved." What a great thing to be teaching children (and adults alike). They are cute, great quality, and all handmade. They have button eyes, and typically come with an amputated limb.

Portrait of Jessica and her bears from my book Less Pin-up, More Pin-down

She also recently started making "fluffidermy". Based on her bears, she mounts bear heads to wall plaques. This zombie frankenbear is one of my favorites (and all mine)!
Jessica also makes things like Xmas stockings and aprons made from vintage pillow cases.
Her business cards (photo by me)

Go bookmark her Etsy shop- her stuff makes great Christmas and baby shower gifts!
And to keep up to date with 'Cuz I Felt Like It!, fan them on Facebook.