The sunroom

Every time the seasons change I go through a homey period of cleaning, decorating, cooking, and baking. Since the fall is usually when most towns have their "tour of homes", I thought it would be a great time to share a little peek into my own home. I've been debating for awhile now whether or not to do a post series like this. On the one hand, I'm like, "does anyone really care", but on the other hand, anytime someone new comes over they typically take their time to look around and usually have a ton of questions. We like nic-nacs, collecting, and (I like) decorating. Yes, we have a lot of items on the walls and items on shelves, but we're pretty thrifty at finding them. Our collections come from gifts, thrift/vintage/antique store bargains, other artists, and of course sometimes from our own making. So, here's the first post to get this mini series kicked off... I introduce, our sunroom!
Skip made the parking sign (for our wedding),
and the bunting is handmade from oil cloth (an Etsy find).
I purchased the two retro green metal lawn chairs a few years ago, and then was gifted the matching glider and side table for my birthday this summer.
Yes, our sunroom does have dreaded wood paneling and green (astro-turf like) carpet.
I typically hate both, but it actually works well with our retro kitsch camping theme.
Vintage metal sign- a flea market find
Chalkware bunny- a recent (finders keepers) addition
Swampy at the (kitchen to sunroom) window telling me he wants to come out there too

PS- This is technically a "test" post... please let me know if you're interested and want me to continue with this series. If I get little to no response, I won't be finishing "the tour".