Homemade pink lemonade

I normally don't like lemonade or anything citrus for that matter, but for some reason I had a craving last week for pink lemonade, and for a homemade version. I decided to make it myself without a juicer or a recipe. It turned out fantastic and delicious, but my hands were in fact quite sore by the end!
I think I ended up hand-squeezing about 5 lemons. From there I added some sugar and some agave (to cut down on the amount of sugar used). Then added some water, grenadine and a splash of pomegranate juice. Mixed it until it tasted good, so I can't share exact amounts of ingredients with you, but I'm all for experimenting and making according to taste anyways!

I later did a web search for how to really make homemade pink lemonade and the recipes that surfaced were all made with cranberry juice. Sounds good enough, but pomegranate and grenadine sounds better!