The bathroom

The next stop on our little home tour... the main bathroom, aka the "girls bathroom". We currently have separate bathrooms, and we both love it! The "boys bathroom" also doubles as the guest bathroom, after a good cleaning of course. I won't be showing that one on here.

Now, my bathroom is small, but it does what it needs to do. I do however have a nice little closet in there, which is good because with the pedestal sink there's no storage. I love the sink, but there's also no counter space which can sometimes be challenging. In our last place, our bathroom was black, white, and grey. We transferred the items into our current place, but I'm not quite sure I like the grey with the yellow- the walls, tile, and floor are all a pale shade of retro yellow. It's not really a high priority, but when it's time for new rugs and towels, I'm sure I'll switch things up.

The floor tile- what a great shape (and it looks like fish scales, see below)
I have three (sets) of vintage chalkware fish on the bathroom walls.
This was my first set (and my fav.), an anniversary gift from my honey.

And Swampy rolling on the rug... he likes to follow me around the house, so you'll probably see him often on our tour. If you need more Swampy cuteness and missed the photos of his sink time, check them out here.