NC- part 3

After leaving Greensboro on Saturday morning, we headed to my home town of Durham, NC for a short visit of only 24 hours. We (Skip, my parents, and I) headed down the country roads to Maple View Farm to enjoy some fresh homemade ice cream in the sweltering afternoon.
The dairy is right down the road (in sight but behind the sign in this photo) where their cows call home and where they produce their own dairy products- fresh milk, cheeses, and ice cream.
They bottle all of their large milk sizes in old fashioned glass bottles and locals can come in and exchange their empties for filled ones. (Why isn't there a place like this near me now?!)
The store has a long front porch that runs the length of the building with wooden rocking chairs lining it. There's also an area to the side to tie up yer' horses.
Then we headed to Hillsboro to Daniel Boone Antique Village...

We did some window shopping and exploring. My mom purchased a baking dish, Skip a vintage North Carolina postcard, and I bought the best children's vintage "ranch phone".
And of course we stopped in this blacksmith shop

After shopping, we headed home to get some things done and then headed to dinner at City Beverage/ Lava Lounge. It's decorated with all kinds of vintage kitschy goodness!

It was such a short trip and over in a blink of an eye. The next morning we headed back to Georgia on what felt like a really long, and exceptionally boring drive.