NC- part 2

On Friday, we had a few hours in the afternoon to run around downtown Greensboro. We hit South Elm Street to peruse the antique stores. Smack dab in antique row, there was this place...
... which at first glance looked like an amazing vintage store. It turned out to be an artist collaborative space. They charged $1 per person to view the "museum". Totally worth it. The history of the place and how it came to be is super interesting (you can read about it here). The rooms were filled from floor to ceiling with all kinds of kitschy vintage items artfully arranged in vignettes and installations. Armed with a small point and shoot in hand, they allowed me to snap some photos...
I totally had one of those phones when I was younger, wish I still did
I'm a big fan of the color coordinated shelves!
My friend Katrina organizes her books by color too

vinyl and fast food toys
clothing pile... hanging from the ceiling