NC- part 1

We recently took a little trip to my home state of North Carolina. The purpose for our trip was because I was a bridesmaid in a good friends wedding, and we sure did stay busy with wedding festivities, but we managed to fit a few non-wedding related things in as well.

First stop- Greensboro. My sister was nice enough to gift Skip and I a room in the most amazing hotel for our first night in town. We stayed at the Proximity Hotel which is America's first LEED platinum hotel. In simple terms, it has the highest rating for being green! It was gorgeous, relaxing, and comfortable.
Proximity Hotel
While Skip was driving Boris to Durham to drop him off at my parents house, I took the opportunity to take a few pictures inside our room.

*insert lots of wedding activities, and skip ahead to the next morning*... we had breakfast at the Smith Street Diner. Country style cooking open "8 days a week". A small local place with the biggest biscuits I've ever seen. My photo doesn't even do the size justice. They are huge and buttery and delicious. If you mention "the place with the giant biscuits" to anyone local, they will know exactly where you are talking about.
Smith Street Diner

Stay tuned for more from NC- a crazy vintage artist space/museum, Durham's dairyland, a Hillsboro antique village, AND photos from Amber and Matt's day after/first morning as husband and wife photo session!