pics from July 4th weekend

We had a lovely and relaxing weekend. The weather was so perfect all weekend long. Sunny and a wonderful warm temperature, not really hot and yucky like it has been. On Saturday we went to dinner with some friends we hadn't seen in a long time, and took a motorcycle ride together to view some fireworks. Sunday morning I headed over to Lucky Starr (the book release party venue) in the square to hang a few posters, put some postcards out, and work on a window display.
Lucky Starr window
inside Lucky Starr
special window display in progress

Then Sunday afternoon we invited a few friends over to eat some food and relax for a bit

it was so gorgeous out we moved the sunroom furniture to the deck

the cutest baby ever
bomb pops are totally festive
everyone took turns riding the backyard track on the dirt bike and 3-wheeler
Boris has a cone on his head and isn't a big fan
climbing panda fireworks, if you can call them that
neighbors shooting off fireworks

Hope you all had a lovely weekend also!

A few reminders: Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the last day for book pre-sale orders! If you want to save 10%, your order must be placed by tomorrow night.

We are heading out of town for a few days later this week (our anniversary trip!), so posting will be light. However, I will have lots and lots and lots of photos upon my return (we're taking a road trip!) and will have a ton of new stuff going up starting late next week.