Controversy and more

Oh oh oh, I sure have been havin' a time recently with this book thing. I'm going to be saving all the behind the scene details (both good and bad) until a later date, but I'll go ahead and share a few things that have been going on recently.

A few weeks ago I spent a morning in the Marietta Square setting up a sweet window display. The photo below is one I took of it in progress (I'll try to take a "final display" picture soon)...
The other week I received a phone call that my display has apparently offended people. hhmmmm, really? While I'm not the easy-to-offend type, I surely pay attention to things that may offend others and can not for the life of me see anything offensive in my display, or in the project. There's nothing sexual, sexist, religious or anti-religious, political, racist, unpatriotic, or anything that I feel someone at any age shouldn't look at or would be offended by. Unless for some reason big plastic ice cream cones, croissants, or feather pins offend you. So, I asked for more details on what exactly was so bothersome, and the reply I got was "everything". The title of my book is offensive. The dress forms/mannequin torsos in the display are offensive. And the photo below, oh-my-goodness, it's SO terrible and offensive!
Apparently the people who were offended didn't take the time to actually really look at all of the pictures, or read my statement. Because the words "pin down" are in the title, it must be about bondage. Um, sorry people, I'm not into that. To clarify, it's meant more in the scientific sense, like pinning down a specimen to examine. Then, the picture... she's in a "fetal position", so that's baadddd too. ::sigh::

Since I run BlondeShot Creative as an independent business, of course I don't want to offend anyone. As an artist however, I don't damn well care if any of my personal work offends anyone. I really don't see any of my work as controversial, and quite frankly can't understand why someone would take the time and energy to complain about something as minuscule as my little ol' photo display instead of caring about all the really terrible things going on in the world.

Anyways, enough on that. On to the good news...

Books are now available to purchase online! I have some in the Etsy shop, and I have both softcover and the limited edition hardcovers now available through Blurb. If you're out of the area, you can go ahead and purchase your copy now. If you're local, I'm hoping to see you at the release party (Saturday, August 28!) and will have some available there.

AND, I know it's a long ways away, BUT I have confirmed that I will have a solo photography exhibition and installation at Octane! Art Gallery in Nashville, TN in February 2011.

For more book info (don't hate):