Deep South: 6

Day: 4

We awoke on the morning of 7/11 and it was our one year anniversary! Skip insisted on the tradition of keeping the top of our wedding cake, and it had been in our freezer for the past year. When we set out on the trip, we took a little cooler and kept filling it with ice everyday to keep it cold. The icing was a little runny compared to when we wrapped it up, but the cake tasted much better then we expected. The cake was still moist and actually kind of good. We both ate a piece and tossed the rest. (You can see the way the cake originally looked HERE)

After a horrendous morning trying to check out of the hotel and wait for our car, we headed out of New Orleans on the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. The bridge was 24 miles long!
We arrived in Abita Springs, LA at the UCM Mystery House/Museum
This place had multiple buildings and an outside courtyard area all full of stuff. Kitschy collectibles, antiques, random junk, handmade dioramas, handmade signs, artwork, sculptures, and more.

There was a huge vintage paint by numbers collection which was my favorite
A bunch of cases with scenes in them (some that had moving parts and music that
played when you hit a button), all handmade by the artist owner

We took a minute to play with this old coin machine that actually still stamped the metal coins (you'll see the finished coin in the next post)

There was a working fortune teller machine, the kind that spits out a little card with your fortune on it. Of course we each put a quarter in!

the 32 foot alligator
There were many animal sculptures that had real gator heads attached, and I think we laughed at every one

Next: Day 4 continued- baby gators and The French Quarter (the final set).