Deep South: 5

Day 3:

We started the day off with lunch at Mammy's Cupboard in Natchez, MS. The building is 28 feet tall and the restaurant is housed in the skirt and in a small area behind the woman's figure. I had a PB & J made on homemade bread, with homemade wild plum jelly.
We then headed towards Baton Rouge. Unfortunately it started raining super hard so we didn't get to experience anything in the town, but on our way out we stopped and had a root beer at the Frostop

It was the best root beer I've ever tasted!
After our brief visit in Baton Rouge, we deiced to head towards Gibson, LA where we had planned on staying the night. We had reservations at a cabin on the swamp at a place called Wildlife Gardens. A sweet southern lady named Betty owned the place. Her bayou housed a few cabins as well as her own home. When we arrived, she had a bunch of peacocks running loose and of course they all flocked towards us and wanted to be too close for comfort for me. We decided it wasn't going to be the relaxing evening we had hoped, and decided to head to New Orleans a night early. 

More observations from MS- Lots of: junk yards, above ground pools, kudzu, abandoned buildings, and Dollar General stores seemed to be the establishment of choice. There were very few speed limit signs, and the GPS system liked to take us on strange paths and back roads. One of my favorite things Skip said was " I like towns where people drive tractors on the road."

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