shooting with a View-Master camera

This past weekend I did some shooting with a camera I had never shot with before, and one that I had never seen anyone else shoot with before either. It's a View-Master camera, meant for creating View-Master slide images. I wanted to see what could be done using this camera for purposes other then what it was intended for, so I shot it with negative film and scanned it in.
Front of the View-Master Stereo Color Mark II, above

click image above to enlarge, (A portion of the film strip)

Then, I started playing with trying to make the images 3D. The camera takes two images at the exact same time that are slightly off from one another due to the two lenses. The two same images end up being about four images away, and on opposite levels of the film (see the film strip above for example). So, I took the two images that were slightly off, and changed the color channels on each layer. I played with making them 3D for awhile before I actually got it, but by golly, I got it! I was editing the below images with old-school 3D glasses on (one blue lens, one red lens). If you have a pair around, pick them up and take a peak!