Helen 5- The bear park

This is the last post of photos from our day trip to Helen. If you know me, you know how much I love animals. I support wild animals in captivity for rehabilitaiton, preservation, or learning purposes, but believe wild animals should not be kept in cages. With that being said, I had mixed feelings about this place. It felt like a very mid-century, roadside attraction kind of place. The bears were in small concrete areas, and while they looked clean, they didn't feel like the right environment for those bears to be. This place was like no other I'd ever been to. The bear areas were very open and close to the onlookers. The tops were open, no glass or fencing. Visitors could buy a basket of food and throw the food pieces to the bears. While I loved seeing the bears, I could not go back and support the place after seeing the bears living quarters.

walking towards the entrance
There were also some rooms and cages with various reptiles in them, the one above and below were both rooms you could go in to and be up close and personal with them.
Baby bears...

This guy was funny, he kept wrestling with his own arm