Helen 4- on the way

Sticking with my completely out of order posts from our trip to Helen, here's the photos from our drive on the way up there. One of our first stops was this flea market, where this truck caught our eyes, and I came a fraction of a crumb away from bringing it home with us, for real. 
Then as we were going down the highway, saw a place off to the side that had a bunch of huge vintage roadside statues. Of course I made Skip pull off and turn around. 
This guy was my favorite...
inside the place was a bunch of arcade games, but nobody around 
then in the attached building, we found an amazing collection of vintage pin-ball games, slot machines, juke boxes, etc. 

[enter time in Helen itself]
Then we headed home as the sun was getting low, and stopped at another flea market

Next time we go back, tubing will definitely be on our "to do" list!

I have one more post from our day trip to Helen coming... 
It's the bear park. You really don't want to miss those!