Helen 1- Heidi Motel

This past weekend we were in desperate need of a break and took a day trip to Helen, GA. We packed a lot into one day, and I took a ton of photos, so I'll be breaking up the photos into multiple posts. I'm skipping ahead a little here for my 1st post... soon after arriving in Helen we took a walk down main street. We stumbled upon this place, the Heidi Motel. It was obviously not open, possibly because of the "road closed" sign at the end of the drive way, but it looked interesting and so we went up the hill anyways.

sign from the road

view from the bottom of the hill/driveway

on the way up the driveway... 
it reminds me of one of those creepy trees outside of a haunted house

the main section of the building with motel rooms, parking spaces covered in vines

the walkways throughout were also covered in vines

The building I'm assuming was some kind of honeymoon suite, or the owners living quarters? Complete with windmill.
This place was gorgeous, but very strange. There were no posted "no trespassing" signs, "closed" or "for sale" signs. It had obviously been vacant for quite some time, and some of the doors and windows were wide open. There were still some TVs in some of the rooms, and other random things. It felt very odd, a little creepy even though it was bright and sunny out, and kind of sad. We had a great time looking around this place and I can only imagine some of the stories this place holds.

UPDATE: This place has since been renovated and has reopened as an operating motel.