Spring Cookies

I made some yummy M&M cookies from scratch for a girls night this past weekend, and then shot them for an assignment (for I Heart Faces). I decided to add in a little "behind the scenes" info. on how it was done, and how you can do this same thing at home. 

My final shot
Stack of cookies on a teacup saucer, on a seamless backdrop of fabric. Shot with a wide open aperture, near a window with natural light plus bounce flash. I chose a fabric that had a retro diner theme, in matching pastel colors. Blurred the fabric by using a small F-stop. Focused on the front edge of the cookies. 

step back; the space
Instead of shooting on a table top or counter, I choose a chair with a back so I could hang and curve the fabric like a seamless. Used a few clips to hang the fabric and keep it in place. Placed the chair by a window to get nice, natural light on the objects. Added a bounce flash to eliminate "the bad shadows" and give it an extra pop of light. Simple and easy for anyone to do at home!