Links this week

- Design Sponge hosts an amazing series called "Living In" in which they post design and inspiration boards with items that can be purchased today in the style of a specific classic film. This week was A League of Their Own which is a personal favorite of mine. I suggest taking a look at the whole series!

- Another great post on Design Sponge, White Chocolate Soup! I can't wait to try this.

- An article in the NYT- For Photographers, the Image of a Shrinking Path. Worth a read for anyone.

- Another good photography related article on copying other artists and originality.

- Write-up on the KEH blog on jewelry maker/artist that makes bracelets out of camera lens parts, they are super awesome!

- Two hilarious April fools jokes on photo sites: Hottest Trends in Senior Portrait Photography
and Kodak announces aromatography

- Vintage Daytona Beach bike week photos, sets I, II, & III

Have a great weekend!