I recently had the opportunity to test the new Lensbaby line for an article I was assigned. The article hasn't come out yet, and I'm not even sure if it will. All of this was done back in February, and I had to re-write the article because I was told it was too complicated, too technical for the reader base. Well, this stumped me, because even though the lenses themselves seem kind of simple, they are really kind of technical items. In order to use one properly, you have to understand the principles of photography, and I don't mean being able to shoot on automatic. So, a non-technical piece on a technical item, challenge one. Challenge two, write it without involving my personal feelings on the products. Ok, I did this one fine. But let me tell you, I'm not a fan. I did not enjoy shooting with these. I took a ton of pictures to only be feeling somewhere between so-so and mildly liking a few of them. The aperture disks are a pain to change, as is the optics within the new "Optice Swap System"... I almost thought I was dumb for awhile when first trying to figure out the directions on how to swap. Then realized it wasn't me, but extremely poor directions and a more complicated process than was really needed. Some people love them, some people hate them, but I am not a Lensbaby lover. I'll probably never use one again.

So, why am I sharing this info? Well, it's kind of "behind the scenes" info. I guess. 1) I've never had to re-write an article. 2) How many people tell you that they had to re-write it and that it may not even end up being published? 3) I spent a lot of time to experiment and test the equipment, and want to show my photos, regardless of how I feel about the lenses.... the poor photos are just sitting there yelling at me every day, "post me, post me".

For those of you unfamilar with what theses lenses do... To put it simply, they are known for their "sweet spot of focus" and surrounding blur.

shot with an older Lensbaby, the 3G
shot with the new Composer Lensbaby
Composer + Fisheye Optic
Composer + Soft Focus Optic
Composer + Pinhole/Zone Plate Optic

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For more info. on the Lensbaby line, see their website.