I've been keeping busy

Recently, I've been:

Keeping really busy; some good, some bad. I finished up some articles, and am still working away testing equipment and writing for the KEH page

Working on an ongoing project to archive most of my printed, published, and featured work. This will probably take me months and months to finish (especially since most of my older published work is folded, yellowing newspapers that are currently in another state). You can see what I have done so far on Flickr here

Doing springtime things- planting, cleaning, making smoothies, playing outside.

Visiting some new photo society groups, debating whether to join or not. Finishing up our square dance classes. 

Having major computer, printer, A/C, and vehicle problems. Oh, the joys. It's been a stressful month of trying to deal with these issues for sure, and has put me behind in my personal work. 

And I've continued to shoot, blog, update, network, schedule, la de da. 

I'm trying super hard to not take on as many assignments, workshops, articles, etc. in the coming months, although I do have problems putting those things aside. I'm really trying to focus on my BIG project right now, and get it done. More on this later. But, just a heads up, if I am able to stay focused and cut back on the other work, then posting may be a little lighter than normal in the coming months. Maybe, maybe not?? Just sayin'.