good things, etc.

ok, as promised and to counteract my "annoying things" post the other day, a list of ALL good things!

- astronaut ice cream/freeze-dried (I don't know why I love it so much, but I really do)
- straws with honeycomb things on them
- when people give me cool vintage things simply because they know I will love them
- hand tooled leather
- strawberry shortcakes
- animal sculptures, toys, painting, etc. with multiple heads
- miniature animals
- I ordered the last parts for my bike and I can' wait to get it on the road!
- planning our anniversary trip for this summer
- tree swings (and trying to talk my husband into making me one)
- having a running 3-wheeler and a big backyard to ride it in again
- looking forward to my parents visiting
- listening to Heart (I dunno... it has just been happening)
- sweet happy greetings from two little furry friends everyday when I get home
- we're thinking about going up to the Folk School at some point and taking classes what shall I take?!
- telegrams. I've sent a few out, never received one. I really want one, please send.
- new ideas- for myself and seeing other peoples and other artists stuff that is new, fresh, different, and interesting
- breakfast in bed... I haven't had this in years, honey if you're reading, this would be so nice
- mood nail polish, this sounds so fun!
- Home is where the heart is doormat, I want you for my house.

How about another short list.. of I don't knows...maybe you can help inspire me.
- What to do with my hair? Its really boring me.
- What should my next mantle theme be?
- Our "paper" anniversary is coming up... I've been trying to brainstorm awesome ideas
- Should I document and share my the process of doing a book?
- I've been trying to brainstorm ideas to make a book release more interesting and fun than the norm. Ideas?