EGG lens

I recently had the opportunity to test and play with an EGG lens. If you're unfamiliar, no worries, you probably should be. It's a lens designed to take a single shot with a 360 degree view. The lens comes with software to turn the single image into a 360 deg. moving virtual tour. Have you seen those on real estate websites? That's what they are meant for. I was hoping to experiment and come up with something awesome that it could be used for outside of real estate and interior tours and such. The problems- the software isn't designed to be able to upload to a blog, only emailed or uploaded to a website. Which means unfortunately, I can't show you the real awesomeness. I also tried to print and bend and see if you could re-create a surrounding room like shot, but that didn't work out so well either.

Below, shot straight from the camera with the EGG lens, without software used
below, experimental shots with lightpainting... kind of looks like eyeballs.
If you're interested in more, you can read and see more of my test shots here