inspired by, wishlists, and links

(my kitchen above)

I have total spring fever. I can't wait for perfectly warm and sunny days. I'm sick of wearing lots of clothes, and shoes. I'm looking forward to sundresses and flip-flops. And... fresh tulips and strawberries.

List of: some things that are currently inspiring me, or that I just love:
- all white rooms
- farmhouse style
- raw wood accessories
- blow molds (I never knew until recently that this was the technical term for those plastic things I love)
- custom made items
- water home births
- Dutch & German style

List of: things I want to learn or make
- build a terrarium
- bake bread from scratch
- learn leather tooling
- yodeling
- to play the washboard like it's nobodys business

List of: my spring wish list
- milk or dairy vintage sign (the one that's in my head that I can't seem to find anywhere)
- new wide angle lens
- trip to Weeki Wachee
- my blonde hair back :(
- my bike to be finished
- some of these super cute moccasins
- sponsors for my photo book- business or individual
- vintage play horse
- a jackalope feltidermy, my birthday is in June, hint hint
- a daily delivery of fresh milk, in bottles, on my doorstep, from a milkman
- my knuckles tattooed (don't worry Mom & Dad, this isn't going to actually happen, not yet anyways.)

List of: links
- read this: DIY is not Duplicate It Yourself
- Cross-stitch lamp shade, I want you
- This bike is so awesome, I want this too
- Carve your own postcard, someone please send me one
- Personalized engraved cake pans, pretty awesome
- I would love to stay in one of these Airstreams