Create a filter 2

Back in January I challenged myself to create a filter, a real filter that screws onto the front of a lens. I wanted to experiment with effects that could be achieved straight from the camera, with no post editing/Photoshopping required.... ya know, old school style. See my first test here. This week I tried again, with a slightly new way of doing it. If you recall, last time I painted glitter nail polish onto a filter. This time I sandwiched some heart shaped confetti inbetween two filters. I closed my aperture down, and got these...
with long exposure and some light painting

shot with an extender to add some macro and sharpen the heart edges
added a flash into the mix
I had fun playing around and seeing what would happen under different circumstances. Don't know if I'd actually ever use one of these filters unless I was maybe shooting something super specific and campy that it would work for, but I do love experimenting... I'm sure you'll be seeing a "create a filter 3".

Hope you have a lovely weekend!