"Bundled Up"- I Heart Faces

This weeks theme at i heart faces is "bundled up". It was so hard for me to choose one photo this week. I took a bunch of photos of this couple outside this winter and it was freezing! We all had on multiple layers of clothing, but of course I looked like a big marshmallow and my subjects managed to look sleek and polished. Now, my lady subject was also much warmer than I was, 1) she's from Alaska and is used to the cold... I'm form the south. 2) my hands were out and snapping away and hers were snuggled in a nice warm hand muff. I'm not sure why I chose this one over the others, but I do love the wind in her hair and the way that she's looking out while her sweetheart is looking through a scenic viewer in the background. It's almost timeless.

I did enjoy this winter, but boy am I ready for spring!

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