An antiquing weekend

This weekend the weather was gorgeous and we spent quite a bit of time walking around little historic downtown areas in neighboring cities going into different antique shops. First we headed to Chamblee... we drove through a few weeks ago on our way to The 57th Fighter Group and I took the following photos then. The shops were all closed that day but they looked too awesome to miss, so we started there.
This place had the most amazing stuff outside

We had breakfast at Oga's, which in itself is a step back in time... we went there almost exactly a year ago and I posted a few photos and words then, here.

Somewhere along the way we stopped in Roswell at Red Barons, which is an auction house. We didn't realize it was auction only until we started looking around. It was the most amazing place ever though! They had some of the most unusual and crazy stuff I've ever seen. I think my mouth was hanging open the entire time we were looking around, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to afford a single item in there.
Taxidermy rhino anyone?
I would totally drive this popcorn truck as my daily ride if I could

We went a ton of other places, too many to share, and had a great weekend window shopping. Unbelievably, we barely bought anything! I came home from an entire weekend of antiquing with two vinyl records that I got for $7, and a tin toy stove that I remarkably picked up for $10! Steals for sure. Skip got a flag... with a wolf head on it... because he now has to collect things that match his truck, Lone Wolf. I think next weekend we're going to hit up Scott Antique Market... Skip is on the search for an anvil so he can do some blacksmithing at home. And I have a permanent vintage & antique "look out" list. I'm so glad we both enjoy antique shopping... I see woman dragging their husbands through the shops and it just doesn't look like the fun we have!