last decade

Since it's a new year, a new decade, I thought I would share where I was and what I was doing at the beginning of the last decade in the year 2000. (I'm using 2000 as a reference, but some of these things were probably in 1999?... I'm terrible with keeping exact years straight. But somewhere around this time period, give or take a couple of years.)

I was: Living in Durham, NC. Working at a coffee shop (which is gone now but to this day had the best coffee ever). Sporting a chelsea haircut. Driving the same car I am now.
And I was: DJing at WXDU (I still have a few cassette tapes of my shows. DJing isn't the same anymore, it's all computerized). Interning at Mr. Lady Records. Kicking it at Youth Voice Radio.
And I was: On the cover of The Butchies, Population 1975 album with some friends and other people (can you spot me?).
And I was: Hanging out at the post office on Franklin Street with the punk rockers. Taking lots of photos and realizing that's what I really wanted to do. (Photo above, one of mine, a punk rock kid with his pet mouse in his leather jacket pocket).
And I was: Totally kickin' some photo ass... I was in a show at The Duke University Museum of Art, and in an exhibition at The Center for Documentary Studies which was held in conjunction with Lauren Greenfields "Fast Forward". Writing and taking pictures for a newspaper on a regular basis. Won some national photo awards (don't think I've won much of anything since, haha). Was interviewed for a special on the (then just starting) Oxygen Network. And finally, for the turn on the century, a friend and I took a train to NYC and waited for hours in the cold to be in Times Square on New Years Eve... and PS- so not worth it.

What were you doing 10 years ago?