KEH post summary

Here's what we've been posting over at the KEH blog recently: tips for VR & IS lenses, industry news- did you know Photoshop turned 20?, awesome guest post on shooting TTV, repurposing old lens cases- so fun!, a peek inside the company's doors, & lots more tips, troubleshooting, and resources. Check the page out at www.kehblog.com

If you're just joining in, what is the KEH blog you ask? It's a page done by KEH Camera Brokers, (I write for it, photograph for it, and run the page), that posts things to keep you up to date on all things photographic equipment related. You'll see information on new and collectible items, updates on events, tips & tricks, fun & useful accessories, camera recalls & troubleshooting, gift guides, and much more. It's a great photo resource site for photographers of all levels!