Recent self portraits & events

Then last fall I was asked to participate in a local self portrait show, "Not You" which will be opening next weekend. I couldn't turn down participating, and shot a new set for the show. (More info. on the show will be posted soon.)
...and if you want to see the self-portrait set that I didn't choose for the show, go HERE.
Then, a few days ago a friend told me about a competition in NY, another self portrait thing, that at first I was unsure about, but then... read that actor Steve Buscemi is one of the judges! How can I possibly turn down the opportunity to have my work seen by Steve Buscemi himself? No way could I pass this one by.

So... that's why you've seen so much of me recently. To see the photos not posted here from all of these sets, go to the Flickr "Self" set.