Happy New Year 2010

Holy smokes, can you believe 2009 is already gone? It flew by.
I'm really looking forward to the new year though and hope you are too!
I've decided to share a few lists with you, because they're time appropriate & I like lists.

I hate New Years "resolutions", so lets call it my New Years I hope to, I need to, I want to, I should do list: get back to being super organized again, get into a regular exercise schedule again, complete my photography book, stress less, make a terrarium, finish the new/old motorcycle & ride, suck it up and legally change my last name already, get rid of stuff & have a yard sale, make a wedding album for my parents, "graduate" from square dance class, get a new website completed, stress less, try to save some money, go on an awesome anniversary trip, & stress less (yes, I've mentioned this one multiple times already). What's on your list?

My Top 10 Posts in 2009: (I posted 234 individual posts in 2009, and wanted to give a little list of my favorite ones for my new readers). Here they are, in no specific order-

1- Shauna set 2- full of sweetness & hearts. My 3rd set in my new series "Less Pin-up more Pin-down" and around the time I decided to make the series into a book.

2- Maternity 2: Hot Mama- a few maternity boudoir shots from a session. I loved these, other people loved these, the parents to-be loved these, & Offbeat Mama loved these.

3- Shadow Play- I wanted to do some unconventional child photography that felt part Hitchcock & film noir while still being fun and playful. And this little girl it totally my BFF.

4- Keeping it Clean- useful info. for you & your camera equipment.

5- The Art of Pancake Throwing- it really does take practice, it really does make a mess, it really is fun.

6- Outtakes 4- I enjoy seeing the process of other artists & I enjoy funny outtakes, so I assume other people like to see it to. An interesting behind the scenes post of what it took to get "the shot".

7- Display your special day- I worked really hard at all of the little details for my wedding, and had friends & family working hard too. Instead of throwing it all out or sticking it in a box, why not display it in a fun way?

8- Memento Mori- A tough topic and an honest look at my personal situation with photography & death.

9- Belize 3- interesting buildings, exotic location, rain drops on windows & palm trees on street sides. Oh yeah, and this was one of my favorite days on our honeymoon.

10- Lauren- fun photo shoot & another one from the "Less Pin-up More Pin-down" series. I especially love the ones where she's super animated.

*And lastly, I am offering a New Years special!! 15% off any photo shoot in January! I have very limited availability, so contact me asap if interested.

And whatever comes after lastly... I hope you have a wonderful, happy, & safe New Years holiday and best wishes to you in 2010!