Fun camera & accessory wish list

Here's a few things I bet you haven't heard of that are just awesome enough to post about... and maybe even ask Santa for. I know they're on my "I totally want that but can't afford it" list.

The "Jack" Limited Edition Holga. It's the best Holga design yet, even if you don't like the White Stripes. It comes with a peppermint filer. And there's a matching "Meg" L.E. Diana.
(Purchase here)
The White Balance Lens Cap. I might actually need this one. It would be oh so handy.
The Super-Secret Spy Lens. Attach to any zoom lens and take 90-degree candid shots.
Keyboard Shortcut Skins for Macs. So awesome because I have a terrible memory & would help to cut time in Photoshop & other photo editing programs.
Jelly Camera Phone Filters. Little filters for your cell phone camera. Just because they are fun & it's always going to be with you.
Wrist HERO. Digital, waterproof, video, strap-on action camera. They also make a chest & a helmet mount harness. Because sometimes you want to take a shot when YOU are in action.
Lomography Horizon Perfekt Panorama Camera. A (semi) affordable option in the world of panoramic cameras (compare $).
Riviera HD Camcorder, Luxe Collection. If you like the current fashion trends in haute couture, or if you're creative and can relate it to a sophisticated style of 80's heavy metal; an attention grabber either way.
UltraHD Flip video camcorder. It can fit in a pocket or purse. Traveling light it not overrated.
Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s Instant Film Camera. The new polaroid. And all good things come in mini verisons.