Cowboys, a place

My friend and I decided we needed to get out and explore a new place last night. I drive by this large building that has a huge mural painted on it called "Cowboys" a few times a week and that dang mural has been drawing me closer and closer for a few years now, but I never actually went to the place. Well, last night we went. And it was an interesting experience....
We walked in to a HUGE open space with balconies and bars and concession bar stands everywhere. I felt like I had just walked into Urban Cowboy, no joke. We were there very early, like before "bar people" really come out, cause that's just how we roll. The place got more and more crowded throughout the night, and it was a great place for people watching. The first thing that happened was we were told we looked totally out of place by the bar tender, "just like him". Which at that point I said, "What do you mean, out of place!?" and kicked my shiny toed cowboy boot right up to his nose. We sat down and just watched.. watched dancing couples, the bar girls that kept swinging their dang lights above their heads... I kept waiting for one to fly off... and watching the same bar girls dance like strippers on their bar bars in daisy dukes, leather chaps, and tennis shoes... okay, whatever.... needless to say, we had a ball not only people watching, but people bashing, it's our favorite past time really. There was live music by a pretty good house country band, there were "shot girls" walking around with these trays of different colored test tubes shots. I told the girl I'd buy one if I could take a photo of her tray. 
Our corner table of two was like a Ripley's Believe it or Not, these people acted like they've never seen a couple of ladies with lots of tattoos, geesh. 

I would love to go back just to take pictures of the people there. I had only brought a point & shoot, and didn't want to bother anyone with a flash, so it was hard to get much. And ok, I would totally love to go back and learn how to line dance! (I'm already half way through my square dance classes, so line dancing is naturally the next step).
A very interesting night, a very interesting place. My main let down was that I thought they had a mechanical bull, but I couldn't find it, so maybe not.