As I mentioned last week, my friend (& bridesmaid) Katrina did props for the freshly released Zombieland. She had a release Zombie Princess party complete with the same moonbounce used in the film. The girls all had "princess" dresses, and most of them were covered in fake blood. Since I'm not a fan of gore (real or fake), I opted to do some creative sewing on my dress... torn hems, sewn scars and a partially exposed ribcage made of felt. Skip said it was totally "art school", haha. Photographer Melissa Prosser was on hand taking photos, here are a few of us. (You can see more on her blog.) And unfortunately, the movie biz doesn't list everyone that actually works on the movies in the credits, so many people including set builders and designers & 2nd and 3rd props were not listed, so please read THIS for a nice nod to Katrina, her hard work, & her vegan twinkies made just for Woody Harrleson!