On the road again

This weekend we headed to the good ol' city of Nashville, TN.
We always stop at this fireworks store. It has the most random stuff
We drove up Saturday morning, it was a very grey day
We went to the Pancake Pantry, a place I've been really wanting to try...
...and made my (local) friends wait in a line around the block to get a table. But totally worth it. I had some mighty fine sweet potato pancakes with cinnamon cream syrup, mmmmm!
We drove out to Watertown, the cutest little place
stuck in time

Heading back to Atlanta on Sunday evening, I played a lookout game for "See Rock City" signs & barns. They kept coming up out of nowhere so I didn't get the photos I wanted, but that just means I'll have to schedule another trip for taking barn photos only, fine by me. 

I did get a pretty nice "see Ruby Falls" barn shot (but my obsession still lies with S.R.C.)
Driving through Chattanooga is a really pretty ride, day or night
(Don't forget, you can always click on an image to enlarge!)
A total smorgis-borg of photos, I know. My mood kept changing, what can I say. Also while in Nashville, we participated in some other activities as well.... wedding tattoos, photo shoots, & shopping for kitschy vintage items, ya know, the usual.... Photos from Amanda's photo session coming soon!