Le Flash

On Friday night a friend and I attended "Le Flash" as part of ACP in Castleberry Hill. Here's some things we saw...
barber shop window
a face in the clouds
light installations: "Fiat Luxe, by Jason Butcher + Scott Carter + Mario Schambon The fluorescent legacy of Le Flash 2008 lives on at Castleberry Point"
a painted door
another light installation (couldn't find info. on this one)
and another: "Antonio Darden My Name in Lights: It is what it is"
window fronts and antique signs
Alianor poses in front of herself & husband "fighting" projection on wall: "Matt Haffner | Street Fighter Lust and aggression in a dance with architecture"
art, watching a lady take a shower
a stick up (same as the image above, couldn't find info. on this one either)
another installation, this one in the back of a U-Haul: "Ting Ying Han | Self Storage Shadows unsettle a dream house"