Outtakes 5

I probably have the most outtakes out of everybody from this girl. For one, I've shot her numerous, numerous times. And of course, I like to ask her to do silly stuff, & she always delivers.
I named this snugly beast Waffles. Tiff felt silly playing with Waffles in public. Especially when people started walking by.
Then I ask her to do some head banging... and I get this face...
click image to enlarge to see the beauty in that upward swinging head & neck.
The one eye open, one eye closed is probably the most common outtake.
It happens in just about everybodys shoot, I just don't show it in everyones shoots.
So I've probably embarrassed Tiff enough now, but I can because she's my little sister.
You can see her good pictures from the shoot HERE.