Outtakes 1

So here it is, the first post in the "outtake" post series! I posted a poll, and you answered that you wanted to see more outtakes. 

Back in 2005 when I released the "Alexander Girls" series, my first solo exhibition, I decided to also show a book of outtakes. They were funny, they were real. I showed images of half closed eyes, awkward stances, giggling models, and all sorts of other things that weren't "supposed" to be captured on camera. I thought it was important to show the "mistakes" of the models to bring them back down from pin-up, to normal ol' human being. Unfortunately, someone stole my book of outtakes from the exhibition, which still totally erks my chain.  

Personally, I love seeing outtakes. A little behind the scenes peak at what was going on during the photo shoot. Most photographers don't show them. Of course it's not ideal to show the flaws in your work, but they happen, and they happen to everyone, especially when you're working with moving objects & living beings. I'm especially enamored with the silly shots.... but this is probably because I usually ask my models to do something totally ridiculous to break things up & lighten the mood. And some of my models are just hams and are silly all on their own... I'll be getting my lighting correct and they're all crazy and entertaining themselves... and me, and now you. 

Each set will (have a word) that is linked back to the good photos, so if you haven't seen them, or don't remember them, do take a look. Oh, AND one more thing... these are not edited in any way. No touch ups, no photoshopping, nothing. Don't judge. 

Katrina, from THIS shoot
and her dog Mango who thinks she's a model too
I don't know, I guess Alianor just liked to spit her tongue out at me
(don't forget you can click the image to enlarge...incase you wanted to see her tongue closer or something) These were from THIS shoot