Display your special day

This should be the last of the wedding posts....I had thought within the few months leading up to the wedding that I couldn’t wait to be done with all the planning and the stress. But when the weekend was over, I was in fact, sad. The weekend was so amazing I wanted to do something that would keep the fuzzy feelings I had and all the details of our day vivid and in front of me for a little bit longer.

My solution was to construct a wedding mantle packed full of happy things. I took numerous items from our weekend and arranged them into a display of memories. Included are: decorations, cake toppers, my garter & bouquet, decorations from our “just married” car, my headpiece, our invitation, favors, signs, photo guestbook frame, and more.

Some other ideas for items to include are wedding cards, gift ribbons, photos, beverage napkins, boutonnières, personalized gifts, souvenirs from the place and/or town where your event was held, brochures, and anything else that reminds you of your day is game.

If you don’t have a fireplace mantle (like me), use a shelf, bookcase, or cabinet. Use your creativity, add some love, and enjoy you wedding day for longer than just a day!