my girls & self portraits

Speaking with one of my models/friends yesterday, I was discussing the project I've been working on now for about 6 months. While it is executed differently, shot with diff. equipment, shot in a different style, different themes and subject matter, and different ideas behind the photographs as my "Alexander Girls" series, one main element still remains. The fact that the "models" in them are not models at all. They are women who are in my life at the time they are shot, and are totally normal people with regular lives, with little to no modeling experience whatsoever.

For these particular projects, I've really enjoyed shooting these girls that I already have some sort of relationship with, and trying to express an aspect of them, subtle or not, through the photos... or maybe something that just I see in them.

Because I'm exposing these girls in a way that they normally aren't, I have felt both with "Alexander Girls" and this currently untitled project, that I have to expose myself as well. Ok yes, I'm "exposing myself" just by taking the photos and putting them out there, but I mean actually putting me in the sometimes uncomfortable position of taking, editing, and showing pictures of my physical self. I think it's harder to do this for two main reasons... 1, editing photos that you have an attachment to is hard enough, but editing photos of yourself and not only picking the "prettiest" ones, but ones that express something more are even more difficult. 2, they aren't simply snapshots that I was sitting there taking waiting to go to a party or something. They were planned, and they were set up. I'm also limited on the angles, compositions, etc. I can get with these, so I wonder if they're really good photos at all.

I've always felt weird about publishing self portraits. Usually I take them not to take self-portraits, but because I'm testing some new equipment, or lighting technique, and I'm the only one around to test it on.

With all of that being said, I'm posting a few of my round two self-portraits for my current (post-Alexander Girls) project....