a complicated situation...

After hearing about the Rock N' Roll Bride site and having photos of us published on it, I submitted some photos I had taken of a friends wedding that I thought was totally rock and roll and would be perfect for the site. 

My photos were published on the site this morning. Unfortunately, the timing of these photos depending on how you look at it, either couldn't have been worse, or couldn't have been better. I've been debating all day whether or not to post about it, and if it was appropriate or not. 

One of the people in these photos is a friend of ours who was involved in a horrible incident this morning and lost his life. I have decided to go ahead and post this because this was a happy event, and a great evening, and I feel a good time and way to remember him. 

For those of you viewing that don't know the people in them or the situation, I hope you enjoy the photos- one of the few weddings I've ever shot and probably will ever shoot. For those of you that know Adam, may he RIP & remember the good times!