"These pictures are everything! I am so in love! It's going to take me a while to pick out all the ones I like. They are literally my favorite ever. They capture all the moments of being a parent that I love. Thank you so much!" - Dena S. 

"We had a great experience with Blondeshot Creative! Our one-year-old refused to “sit” for the session, and Jenn still managed to capture 30 great shots of him, including several close-up portraits. I was amazed! The quality of the photography is excellent, and Jenn thinks on her feet—when it became apparent that our son wouldn’t hold still, she offered a variety of solutions (and was very patient). We were particularly impressed by Jenn’s flexibility and ingenuity; she came up with one idea after another, working with, rather than against our son’s need to run and play. We are absolutely thrilled with the final product, and will definitely book another session with Blondeshot Creative." - Laurah N.

"I wish I could let you hear the recorded voicemail from my sister yesterday when she received her print that I ordered from you. I was at work at the time so I could not pick up her call. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help in making her birthday even more special. The excitement, wonder, and gratitude in her voice when I finally did get to talk to her was so heartwarming! I couldn't believe you got it there so quickly! She said "the color is amazing, the detail and picture is flawless!" She said it is "PERFECT, so much more beautiful" than she even could have imagined. Thank you, Jenn, for making my day and year so much brighter by honoring my sister with such a beautiful print." - Ellen D.

"After four photo shoots with BlondeShot Creative, I can honestly say that Jenn Fletcher is one of the most talented photographers I have ever worked with. With this new wave of do-it-yourself, self-taught, self-proclaimed photographers offering nothing more really than extravagant camera equipment and editing software, the formal photography education that Jenn received really shines through in every session and photo she takes. She also possesses a natural talent, is always able to make her subject feel at ease, and is able to take my vague ideas and turn the finished print into something beyond my wildest dreams that will last a lifetime. I would highly recommend her to everyone!" - Victoria M.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jenn Fletcher of BlondeShot Creative for a number of years and have been shot by her several times. We finally got to collaborate on a shoot, for her "Sweaters and Shoulders" sessions, and it was another perfect experience! We were able to organize very simple hair and make-up needs for the lovely ladies who purchased time for their mini shoots and everyone looked lovely in their shots! It was such a creative idea and I excitedly look forward to future collaborations with BlondeShot Creative!! - Lauren G., The Beauty Lounge

"Jenn is an absolutely wonderful photographer.  The pictures she took of my nine month old turned out fabulous.  Not only did she capture my daughter's personality, but she made her very comfortable as well.  Instead of trying to mold my daughter into a standard, preplanned pose, she worked with her and captured her in her glory.  Jenn is a true professional whose photography speaks volumes for her creative eye.  With regular studio portraits you get the same limited poses and backgrounds.  With Jenn, you will get a creative photo opportunity which will result in one-of-a-kind personal photos you will cherish for years to come."   - Teri D.

"Jenn... In three words and a letter...A KICK BUTT PHOTOGRAPHER! You know, it's amazing just how powerful a thought, a memory, a single moment of a person's life suspended in time in a photo can be. What will it say? Will it capture what i'm feeling... what I've been through to get here... will it show my affinities... will it depict my caring for our planet and my strong connection with the universe... will it expose the true me? These were some real questions in mind when I decided that as a visual/ performing artist I needed photos. Not just any photos, but I needed photos that represented who I am and provide a looking glass into who I've yet to become. How in the world can anyone capture all of that!? And then I met with Jenn, and I gave her an earful....an extended and very detailed version of the answers to the above questions.  No matter how crazy out there my vision was, Jenn was very attentive, engaged, and super sensitive to my needs. I knew that she was right photographer for me.  'You've got it, I trust you... lets do it!' I said. And the shoot was so wonderful. She has a way of making you feel very comfortable. I was able to let go and be myself. Needless to say, I saw my life in my photos and had a difficult time narrowing down my choice of images. There were sooooo many I liked! And when I laid eyes on the image for my album cover, I was simply brought to tears. Thank you so much Jenn for all that you are, which shows clearly through in your work, for your openess, and for giving me a gift of exactly what I wanted."  - Saquata F.

"I would highly recommend Jenn at BlondeShot Creative as your personal photographer. I felt completely comfortable and relaxed while shooting my maternity photos. Jenn created a set for my husband and I that captured our personality and excitement. My now 5 month old daughter Olivia got her very own experience with Jenn also. As I watched her work her magic during the photo session, I realised that she was not only a photographer but an entertainer too. Those perfect shots are to be coxed out of a comfortable baby, and Jenn made that happen and laughed right along with her. Furthermore, Jenn’s creative idea of pairing my pregnant belly photos next to similar shots of the baby will forever be family treasures." - Christy V. 

"We recently had a maternity photo shoot with Jenn Alexander Fletcher. Not only did the pictures turn out beautiful but we had such a great experience taking them. Jenn was able to make us feel comfortable so we could let go and get some great pictures. Her fun and exciting energy made the whole shoot a blast. Best of all is her creativity which made sure we got some truly fun and original maternity photos. I would definitely recommend BlondeShot Creative to others." -Alex H.

“I first viewed the work of Jenn Alexander and BlondeShot Creative at a Gallery in Savannah, Georgia and I immediately noticed that she truly had a unique perspective and a mastery of her photographic compositions. I have directed clients her way ever since and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her art grow. I know that she will never disappoint” -Cristian A.

“Jenn has a keen sense of style that radiates from her work. She is highly professional and works well with her clients, which leads to fantastic results. Whether it's photography, writing, or any other creative service, Jenn does unique, eye-catching work.” -Amanda W.

“Jenn has an eye for capturing interesting and different subjects for her photography work. She has a great knack with shades, and angles, and an eye for the "different" and "out of the box" kind of stuff. Her work is always interesting, fun and very entertaining, even when it involves everyday type things. It is never dull or boring. Whether it is people, unusual places, animals, or events, Jenn does quality work!” -Jim A.

“I have been asked by Jen to show photographs at more than one of her shows, and she goes above and beyond to make sure things are done right! I have also seen her shoot before and she is a dynamite photographer. I would recommend her to anyone for quality and a great personality!” -Brandon S.

"I hired Jenn to do some promotional and personal photography. She was a few minutes early for the appointment and stayed late with no complaints. Her work gets regular compliments as people see my photographs. Jenn is also extremely versatile" - Chris B. 

“Jenn is more than talented, she can deliver high-quality work efficiently and on schedule. She conducts herself professionally in any circumstance. Always a pleasure to work with, Jenn is an asset to any team.” -Alianor C.

"Jenn Alexander Fletcher with BlondeShot Creative truly has an eye I trust!  I came to her with a very basic and simple idea. But with her endlessly creative mind and eye for detail, she turned our average copy cat Christmas card idea into a remarkable winter themed beauty shoot!  Jenn found a mind-blowing location that offered endless options for creative backdrops, and where we had an opportunity to really feel free. I am by no means someone who has had experience posing for a professional photographer (but have seen many shoots from the other side of the lens), and Jenn truly made us comfortable and in truth helped us to capture the most incredible photos.  The best photos were snapped when we truly let go, and listened to Jenn.  The fun, silly, and romantic moments were truly captured on film. Our edited photos are the favorite photos I have ever taken or seen.  I continue to use the photos over and over again, and each time receive astonishing response of how beautiful and creative they photos are.  Jenn is, and will continue to be the only person I trust to capture the best of me." -Morgan C.